How to Use Pinterest for Business

How to Use Pinterest for Business It’s time to improve your social media and integration strategyinterest.Why? With huge untapped consumption potential, this could be a great opportunity for you to differentiate your brand and business in an active niche.With over 200 million monthly Pinterest users worldwide, everyone uses the platform to share useful and inspiring … Read more

How to Grow Your Facebook Group

If you’re part of the Milmina community, you know we want to double the value. We are a group of thorough, ambitious, and thoughtful women. & I take great pride in managing our bungalow family. Once someone joins us, the comment I hear the most is, “Wow, how did you find all these amazing women…and … Read more

Facebook was renamed as Meta to refocus on virtual reality.

Facebook was renamed as Meta to refocus on virtual reality. The name change comes in response to criticism from lawmakers and regulators over Facebook’s market power, algorithm decisions, abuse of service (policing) practicesâ, and more recently their pivoting into the world narrow VR industry by way of acquiring Oculus Rift for $2 billion earlier this … Read more

Is TikTok Good for Marketing?

After months of tussling between Apple and TikTok, TikTok finally has found its place on the Google play store. TikTok is an app that allows users to create short snippets of videos with special effects which are then shared on TikTok social network. It’s become the most downloaded app in India right now so it … Read more

How Do You Attract Customers on Twitter?

Today twitter is one of the most famous social media. Twitter has an impact on other social media like facebook and linkedin, twitter is used by many people to attract customers to their business. When twitter was started in 2006 , twitter currently has more than 500 million monthly active users. So twitter provide twitter … Read more

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest is a social pinboard website where users can upload, save and manage images. Pinterest uses extensive tagging to organize the vast amount of uploaded content. The Pinterest interface allows Pinterest users to create different boards which allow them to collect certain images into dedicated folders called “boards”. Pinterest now has over 100 million monthly … Read more

How do I Promote my Business on Instagram?

Instagram is the social media platform that allows users to post photographs, images and videos for others to see. Users can also follow their favourite instagrammers or instagrampers as it’s safest to call them these days. The instagram platform has recently experienced a boom in popularity, not only currently but historically as well. This is … Read more

Facebook Marketing

What is facebook marketing? Marketing through Facebook can be a great way to increase your product’s visibility. Many people focus solely on Google Ads when it comes to online marketing, but Facebook ads are also effective in bringing new customers to your business. Facebook marketing is more than just Facebook ads, though – companies use … Read more

Social Media Marketing 101

Some people may call this fad the new “marketing”, but you’ll soon come to find out that social media marketing is here to stay. And in our opinion, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Social media has become a very powerful tool in today’s society. Why? Because people love to talk about themselves and let … Read more

How to Create a Social Media Strategy

Introduction Social media has become an important, if not essential, tool for businesses of all sizes. Gone are the days of organic growth only; companies now need to be very proactive with their social media strategies in order to reach their target audiences. This is especially true since there are more than five billion internet … Read more