How do I Promote my Business on Instagram?

Image by Alan Carrera from Pixabay

Instagram is the social media platform that allows users to post photographs, images and videos for others to see. Users can also follow their favourite instagrammers or instagrampers as it’s safest to call them these days.

The instagram platform has recently experienced a boom in popularity, not only currently but historically as well. This is due it having one of the lowest barriers to entry out of any other social media network at this time, combined with simple user-friendly functions such as tagging and hashtagging which instantly allow content to be shared on another user’s feed who might otherwise have never found you! The instagram community can be incredibly supportive of each other too; instgrammers want instagrammers to succeed and so will often help promote your instagram and interact with you more frequently if they like your content.

The best way to promote instagram is to find a strategy that appeals to both your target market and instagram’s core user base. If you’re looking for new business opportunities, instagram can be very effective in getting eyes on either yourself or your products/services. Like any other social media marketing efforts though it will require some time investment and resources but the reward for this work could potentially be great! Here are some tips:

– Post regularly – No matter how many followers you have, instagrammers love fresh content so don’t slack off once you’ve got momentum going! Aim for around 7 updates per week minimum and keep them varied too; users may not want to see 20 food instagrams in a row!

– Interact with instagrammers – Bit like you’re doing now, instagram is a social media platform and so users expect some social behaviour from everyone. Try your best to show instagrammers that you appreciate their content and put yourself out there for other instagrampers to interact with as well. If people see that you genuinely like the stuff you follow they will be more inclined to like yours too.

– Tag instagrammers – This one can make or break an instagram account; tagging other accounts either directly (say @instabrand) or indirectly (i.e. #brandx) allows those tagged accounts instant access into their feeds which instagrammers will then get to see.

– Get creative – This one is often obvious but I wanted to point out that instagram is all about pushing boundaries and coming up with new ideas. It’s an incredibly open platform for creativity so don’t be shy! Different colours, themes, concepts etc. are great ways to stand out on instagram so look at other profiles and try something original.

– Go live – Instagram recently introduced live video to the network which can be used pretty much like any other instagram update aside from it being… well… alive! People love seeing real time updates so if you’re @theofficeforcoffee feel free to go live in between posting your photos etc.; users would rather watch you’d make their coffee rather than just a picture of it!

– Be unique – This is probably the main instagram rule that instagrammers will be following and it’s a biggie. If you’re a business, try not to create the same logo/avatar etc. as everyone else or post photos in your feed that look like they’ve been taken from google images; instagram is an opportunity for accounts to express their creativity so take advantage!

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Having instagram success takes time and effort, but instagram can be a very rewarding platform to work with. For any business looking for new opportunities instagram has a lot to offer!