How Do You Attract Customers on Twitter?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Today twitter is one of the most famous social media. Twitter has an impact on other social media like facebook and linkedin, twitter is used by many people to attract customers to their business. When twitter was started in 2006 , twitter currently has more than 500 million monthly active users. So twitter provide twitter for companies or individual user also to grow your businesses .

First you need to download twitter app if you don’t have it 

Go here

Second step after downloading the twitter app is go ahead with your mobile number and sign up a new account on twitter which will be connected with your mobile number only, if you do not have a mobile phone please ignore this step as a must step to sign up a twitter account.

Next step after signing up twitter is go ahead with twitter application to any social media platform which you are addicted to open twitter and recieve a pop-up from twitter asking if you want to allow twitter access or not allow it, choose allow access for twitter , now you will come across many tips provided to help new comers on twitter . There will be three options provided follow, sit back and watch , find your way around and ask which one do you choose? we recommend that select find your way around as first option and than the other two as first option .

Now we come across our main topic here how do you attract customers on twitter? firstly before starting this form of marketing strategy please make sure that your business has a twitter account and a website connected to twitter . Now if you have a twitter account and a website connected to twitter please follow these step.

First step is finding your target market from twitter from where you can attract customers to your business so please go ahead with twitter application and click on pull down menu which will show the option of search , now type who to follow? this will help twitter suggest users who are interested in similar topics as your topic for instance if you want to promote your food business than search about tasty food restaurants in USA, the same thing goes if you want to say share information about employment then type jobs or employment usa and same applies like that but remember one thing while tweeting not all people like same things like you, so be not too spammy

Second step after twitter suggesting users is selecting users who are not spammy and have more than 1k followers , twitter suggest users with 1k+ followers because twitter does not allow accounts with less than 1k followers for marketing purposes .

Third step is search the twitter suggested people on twitter application which you downloaded , go to twitter application click on pull down, now type any keyword related to your business or niche this will search all suggested user who are interested in that specific topic so if you want to sell shoes then type shoe stores, after typing specific keywords choose users from results page keep scrolling down! if there are too many results provided then again search about that particular topic or find a link of article written about that topic then scroll down until you find twitter suggested people with 1k+ followers.

Fourth and last step is click on twitter suggested users and than search their twitter account if they have a website connected to twitter than type the twitter handle in website field , or go ahead and click on “follow” button . After putting twitter handle in website field please make sure that it’s working for example if twitter says page not found than don’t follow that persons at least, because this will give your business bad publicity which nobody wants . So after following that user remember to unfollow them if their twitter website address does not work, there are many ways possible to get more targeted customers like finding new users who are interested in your niche and having twitter and website connected to twitter.

So these were some ways to attract new customers on twitter we hope that this article will help you with twitter marketing, however there is another way of getting twitter users which is ads but we don’t recommend our ad sense friends as first priority for your twitter account as it may hurt the reputation of your business as well as twitter account . So stay tuned for more helpful articles like these!